The First School in Debre Zeyit to…

BCI kids are reading and continuing to learn to read in English!  We have exciting news to tell you about the library that so many donors have contributed to making happen.  In the 2014/2015 school year, BCI Academy is the first school in Debre Zeyit to allow students to check out books to read for enjoyment and for study.  Students enrolled in grades 2-4 have gotten to experience this miracle first by checking out one book each.  The students have homework to read the book they’ve selected and write a book report for their Spoken English class.  The children were given 3 class periods to have this assignment complete and the report will count as a quiz toward their mark.

The goal with allowing students to take books home is to improve their reading and comprehension skills, a new skill to Ethiopia as many are illiterate even in their own language.  With over 90 tongues in Ethiopia, this task can be difficult but with hard work and discipline, the children will succeed.  Our standards for excellence are high at BCI, but so is our grace as we know this is a learning environment and new strides are being made in improving their education so that they have such a hand up on life.  Check out the looks on their faces as they begin to peel open the covers of books full of words and pictures they may have never seen or heard before!


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