Her Time is Running Out

Meet Abreham Tesafaye and his mom. She may not look it but she is sick, awaiting her 2nd surgery for a uterine tumor since the birth of her son.  And time is running out.  Without a miraculous healing from the Lord, she is in dire need of this surgery that could save her life.

Abreham & his mom.

Abreham & his mom.

Her doctor gives her 3 months before the tumor grows and surgery is necessary. But how will she pay for it when Abreham’s father walked out on them, neglecting his responsibilities as a father and provider?

Her income of 100 birr ($5) per month that she gets from washing clothes does not even make them enough to cover their rent at the small place they have, which is 400 birr ($20). They are already terribly far behind on rent but the landlord has been gracious with them even though he is struggling himself. The landlord’s child, who is just old enough walk, shows signs of malnutrition and his horse is covered in sores. Despite his own difficulties this landlord has been considerate in allowing Abreham and his mother to stay but he cannot continue for much longer.

During this very trying and life threatening time you would think her thoughts would be of herself but her thoughts are on her son.

Who will take care of him should she not get this surgery?  Family is far away; they are unavailable.  Will he become another orphan, another photo, another child in Ethiopia that has fallen through the cracks?

We hope and pray for God’s provision for this family.  Abreham is new to the BCI program and is in need of sponsorship so he can begin receiving support: food, clothing, education and a growing knowledge of God’s hope for his future. As the family comes from the Orthodox faith (believers in Mary and a priest) and are not yet believers in Jesus Christ, we have a wonderful opportunity to not only minister to their physical needs but to share the love of Jesus with them.

Are you willing to change Abreham’s life through sponsorship or a donation toward his mom’s surgery?  A full $90/mo sponsorship is needed for Abreham but it can be broken down into three $30/mo sponsorships. Once a sponsor is found, Abreham can start receiving grain support and start attending school at the BCI Academy!

Blessing the Children allows (and encourages!) sponsors to write and send packages to their children as well as visit!

Please contact us to set up your sponsorship or make a donation today!

Blessing the Children
2265 Fraser Road
Kawkawlin, MI  48631



(888) 269-2719

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