Urgent Need | A Future Despite Disease

Urgent Need | A Future Despite Disease

by Sheila Lamb

I was unsure of what this home visit would bring as I went to this young boy’s home. I had heard many things about him and I understood that this boy was in a back brace and he had a degenerative disease called “Dissimulated Tuberculosis”. I wasn’t sure what I would find.

We walked into the home of what I would consider to be a wealthier family here; don’t get me wrong they have a refrigerator and a TV.

I walked into the second room and on the bed lay a young boy who’s tiny wrist I could wrap my thumb and little finger around 1 ½ times.  My heart sank to the bottom of my chest as I realized that this boy is not very strong and I could snap his arm like a twig. I began to pass immediate judgment on the boy as I quickly scanned him.  He is lying on his bed watching TV to pass the time.  As I talk with the social worker and his mom I begin to see arrogance in my ways.

2014-10 Oholiab1His mother’s English is very good and she would love to work at the school but instead she chooses to stay home and take care of her young boy who needs her. The dad is working construction but this work is inconsistent. The toll of medical bills has been paid by the family since Oholiab was born.  He has had many surgeries to try and correct his problems but nothing seems to work. He had surgery again just last week to have a surgical plate put in due to his growth.  He is missing school as he stays home to recover.  The family is very grateful for the doctor that came from Ghana to do the surgery at the American hospital in Addis Ababa.

2014-10 Oholiab3As I talk to this young boy he chooses to speak to me in English, not in his native language of Amharic.  His English is very accomplished and I realize how sharp he is. He enjoys reading books, playing computer games and wishes he could run with the other children. His great desire is to discover the cure for Ebola and then go to the sun.

Oholiab has endless potential in his life, not only because he is smart and teachable but because he is resilient. He chooses to wake up each morning and do what he can to enjoy the day. He chooses to have a good attitude, despite the bad circumstances he was born into. He chooses to continue to learn and press on.

Oholiab writing in English.

Oholiab writing in English.

We believe Oholiab is a smart boy, full of potential, with a very bright future. A future beyond his physical struggles. A future beyond his disease. We believe in Oholiab and ask, would you believe in him too?

Would you give this boy his chance at life? Would you be willing to invest in this young man and his schooling? Oholiab is in need of a full sponsorship, which can be one donation of $90/mo or three donations of $30/mo. Please share this need with your friends and family and we can get Oholiab sponsored and into the program, receiving support, in no time at all!

Please remember that we encourage people to connect with their sponsor child (letters, packages, financial gifts or even coming to visit them in Ethiopia) so you will have a personal relationship with Oholiab and his progress. May you be blessed this day!

Please contact us with any questions!

Blessing the Children
2265 Fraser Road
Kawkawlin, MI  48631



(888) 269-2719


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