More Than The Average Sponsorship Program

Blessing the Children offers more than the average sponsorship program.

We support our sponsored children in ways that other programs don’t. In addition to sponsorship funds used for grain and family support, Blessing the Children sends extra funds to Ethiopia every month to provide added benefit for the children.

2014-10 Fundraising Wire TransferA few ways we are going above and beyond for our kids is to provide them with extra nutrition through a jar of peanut butter every month, in addition to holding feeding programs during activity days, a hot lunch program at the BCI Academy and other outreaches that are on top of their sponsorship benefits of grain and family support.

We also send funds each month to provide the children with transportation to church, school and outreaches. Some children live miles away and would have to walk if free transportation was not available for them. For most children, this is a major cause of them not attending so the transportation funds are the only thing enabling them to make it to church, school and outreach programs.

???????????????????????????????Over these summer months, giving has been down and in order to continue to provide this additional support to the children, we’ve had to use our reserves. Donations have started to pick back up for the fall but we are short this month to send the extra money for these programs.

The shortfall needed by Monday, October 27th to provide the children
with extra blessings this month is $1,823.

Would you make a donation to help a child attend school and church, or maybe you’re able to provide peanut butter? Perhaps you’d like to cover a month of hot lunch for a child at the BCI Academy? There are many needs and your support is essential to continue providing this support for the children this month.

$18.75 | One Month of Hot Lunch for a Child

$200 | A Jar of Peanut Butter for Each Child

$600 | One Month of Transportation for All Children

As a parent wants to provide for and bless their children in every way possible, it is our desire to give our sponsor children as much as we possibly can. Please consider making a donation to help us give these precious children a physical, spiritual, mental and emotional advantage! If you are unable to donate personally, is there someone you can share this need with?

Please contact us with any questions!

Blessing the Children
2265 Fraser Road
Kawkawlin, MI  48631



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