Gladness in Everything | Ayrian’s Twins

This article was written by kind-hearted Ayrian Bennik, a 9 year old missionary child serving in Ethiopia, Africa. Ayrian’s parents adopted her out of Ethiopia when she was almost 2 years old and she has now returned to Ethiopia with them to help give back to her birth country.

“One day all my siblings where making a fort in our room. It had a sheet roof and one separating it into a side for girls and boys. My mom was going to devotions and she asked me if I wanted to come, so obviously I said yes. So we waited at the guesthouse, afterwards one of the social workers was going on a home visit and asked if we wanted to go. Another girl came with us too.

When we got to the house it was freezing out and I was even wearing pants and a jacket. When we turned the corner I saw a baby crawling around with no pants or even a diaper on, only a T-shirt. The house was so small. When I saw the mom I noticed she had another baby on her back with a small sweater on and no diaper or pants. The babies were twin girls. My mom asked why the twins had no diapers or clothes on and the mom said that they pee in their pants and laundry soap is too much money for her to always be buying it.  When they were sleeping the mom took some sacks and put the babies on it.  The mom had a little mattress, but she doesn’t like the twins sleeping on the bed because they pee too much so they have to sleep on the floor.  

When I got home all the kids begged my parents to sleep in the tent. Me and my sister only lasted 20 minutes then we went back in our beds. Micah and Kai lasted till 2:00 in the morning then they went to the couch.  I am so thankful that I have a soft bed to sleep in instead of the hard floor, especially with a blanket. We are so spoiled in North America.  It makes me sad to hear people’s stories.  I’ve learned that we should have gladness in everything that you have and it is better to have less then more.  More only brings focus to yourself not others. 

The next day was freezing. When I was sitting on the couch in the warm house, I still was freezing sitting there and I was thinking of the twins sitting in their house freezing cold with no pants on.  The mom and the babies have to go get water every day and they walk for a long time. Their house is right on the edge of the mountain and they get hyenas all the time in their yards. I hope they never have to go outside at night. Mom cried and I felt like crying but it is not good to cry in Ethiopia. 

If I had the money I would like to buy stuff for them, like a big piece of plastic to help protect the mattress and some diapers.”

Would you consider making a donation to help Ayrian provide some much needed items for these little girls? It would not only bless these precious twins but would also show Ayrian that her sweet heart and kindness can help change the world.

$25 Diapers
$10 Mattress Protector
$15 Pants
$5 Laundry Soap
Total needed for this outreach is $55. Can you make a small donation to cover one of these items? Or perhaps you are able to cover more than one, or even the entire $55. Donations can be made online or mailed it. Be sure to mark your donation “Special Projects – Ayrian’s Twins”!

Blessing the Children
2265 Fraser Road
Kawkawlin, MI  48631


Please contact us with any questions!


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