Urgent Need: Tsedenya Alemayhu

Tsedenya Alemayhu

Tsedenya Alemayhu

From the outside Tsedenya Alemayhu  is a beautiful, eleven-year-old  girl who loves to draw and smile. Yet, ever since she was just six month old she has had a tough life. It was at the young age of six months when she began having seizures, a sign of chronic epilepsy.

Since this diagnosis, Tsedenya has been fighting for her life. On top of her medical battle, Tsedenya’s father passed away leaving Tsedenya’s mother to care for three children.

Tsedenya’s mother works as a janitor in a local Red Cross office and although her income of 1,000 Ethiopian birr (about $52 USD) is better than most families, it does not cover Tsedenya’s medicine, which is 105 birr per month, and the family’s basic living expenses.

Despite her illness, Tsedenya tries to live a normal life and loves to play soccer. She is a cheerful girl and her favorite color is red.

Tsedenya is in desperate of need of a full $90/mo sponsorship so we can begin providing her basic support and ensuring that she receives her medicine on a daily basis.

In addition to her sponsorship, Tsedenya also needs a one time donation of $200 for a check up to ensure that she is still on the right type and dose of medicine to best help her.

If you or someone you know would like to change this beautiful girls life through sponsorship or a one time donation to cover her doctor visit, please contact us ASAP because time is of the essence for this young girl.

TO HELP, you can email Melissa Cornelius, Program Director or visit our donate page to start a sponsorship or make a one-time donation.

Melissa Cornelius | Melissa@BlessingtheChildren.org
Donate Page | http://www.blessingthechildren.org/Donate/index.html

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