2014 BCI Mission Trip Scholarship Contest

A mission trip is an amazing, life changing experience. Not only do you get to work with children and families in need, changing their lives but you’ll also find your own life changed in the process. This experience is like nothing else you will ever do in life; helping and serving people who could never repay your kindness and generosity. It is a truly selfless act. Which is why we are so excited to offer you all a chance at a mission trip scholarship to make your trip more affordable!
AAIMG_7963BCI Mission Trip Scholarship Contest

Blessing the Children has received a generous gift from a donor for the express purpose of assisting individuals who have a desire to serve with Blessing the Children in Ethiopia.

With this donation, Blessing the Children will offer 3 scholarships.

Three Available | $1,000 grant towards any mission trip taken in the 2014 calendar year.

To apply, you must submit an essay. Essays should be no longer than 800 words expressing your call, passion and vision for going to Ethiopia. You may express what you’d like to accomplish during your time in Ethiopia, what has prepared you to make such a trip, what is leading you to serve in foreign missions and any other information that may be beneficial in helping us chose the best candidates.

Open acceptance for essays will begin January 14th and will end March 14th, 2014. All essays should be submitted to Trips@BlessingtheChildren.org with the subject line “BCI Mission Trip Scholarship Essay”.

Happy writing!

With Baby IMG_0882IMG_0398CIMG1467

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