“Love Day”

Blessing the Children has started doing something new with teams, missionaries and interns when they come on a trip to Debre Zeit. A “Love Day” is scheduled into their itinerary.  This is a day when visiting missionaries can pick out children from the sponsorship program to spend the day with doing activities, getting to know them and just loving on them.

There are many activities that can be planned for this day.  We have had missionaries take children to a local resort and spend the day kayaking, swimming, and eating five-star meals.  Some children have been taken hiking on a local mountain and then taken out to eat on a lake.  Another group of children got to travel to Addis Ababa and visit the Lion Zoo and Amusement park. Because the price of activities in generally a lot cheaper in Ethiopia, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Love Day is so great for many reasons.  It allows the children to experience something new in their own country and to spend time with people from different cultures while practicing their English.  We believe that by exposing children to different activities and different cultures, they will grow up to have a better understanding of the world around them.  Plus, this day also gives the missionaries another way to love and spoil the children.

This is a new thing that Blessing the Children has been doing and the missionaries involved so far have absolutely loved it.  They have really enjoyed spending the day with a special child and seeing something new through a child’s eyes.  Missionaries thoroughly enjoy spending time with children on home visits but those aren’t very long and there is nothing like spending a whole day with a child; knowing that you are giving them the opportunity to experience a new activity.  We look forward to sharing this experience with many new missionaries to come.

2013-06 LOVE DAY 1107691741_o

BCC Team Member, Rachel, canoeing with her child

BCC Team Member, Rachel, canoeing with her child

Fun at the Lion Zoo & Amusement Park.

Fun at the Lion Zoo & Amusement Park.

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