A Special Day for Special Kids

By Jonnett T.

A day just for the little ones.  Most often, when missionaries plan special programs for our children, the little ones usually get left out.  Due to logistics of planning activities for a lot of children, it is hard to always include the littlest of our children.  They have to have their own caretakers who will make sure they won’t be trampled by the older children or that they won’t wander off.  They have to have their own activities that are specially tailored for their skills and abilities.

The Blessing the Children staff in Ethiopia were talking recently about how we could provide the small children with just as much experience and fun as the older children get.  After discussing different things, we decided that the small children should have a day all for themselves.

We planned this day when we knew we would have more than enough help to implement this day.  We invited only the nursery and kindergarten aged students to the school for this fun day.  We had our hands full with 45 children!

Many activities were planned to keep the little ones busy.  We had jump ropes, beach balls, bubbles, coloring, sidewalk chalk, foot races, and basketball dribbling lessons.  The kids had such fun with the missionaries playing all day.  Of course, the bubbles were a huge hit!

Lunch was provided for the children and after lunch, the children (and the helpers!) were tired so everyone settled in to watch a movie.  It was such a special day, a great way to spend focused attention on the youngest children in the BCI Academy.

Playing Ball

Playing Ball

Jump Rope!

Jump Rope!




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