Sprouting Hope

Seeds for Need is a non-profit organization started by David Carneiro. David has a huge heart for the families of Ethiopia and has found a tangible way to reach out and help these poor, starving families.

“The goal of Seeds for Need is to provide families throughout Ethiopia with highly adaptable and vigorous vegetable seeds. By providing families in need with these vegetable seeds we can insure that they will have nutritious food to eat and/or trade for other goods.

Each individual care package received by each family contains over 430 vegetable seeds. These are vegetable seeds of cow pea  snap peas, carrots, okra, watermelon, spinach and swiss chard. These vegetable seeds are specially selected to grow well in the Ethiopian climate because they are heat and drought resistant.”

We were delighted when David contacted Blessing the Children in August of 2012 with a request for partnership to help distribute these seeds. Since receiving the Seeds for Need package in October of 2012, Blessing the Children has distributed all 48 tins to some of the neediest families within the community.

Due to lack of access to water with which to water the plants, a majority of the families will wait to plant the seeds until the rainy season starts in late April or early May. Although some families who do have access water have already planted their seeds and are beginning to see sprouts!

We are very excited to see the progress of these plants and the plants that will be planted this spring. Seeds for Need has done a wonderful thing in providing these families with the ability to grow their own food and Blessing the Children feels so blessed to be a part of it and to have the opportunity to see the fruits of their labor.

You can check them out on their website – http://www.seedsforneed.org/ 
Or on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/seedsforneed 




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