BCI Academy KG – The Next Step

Have you ever worked so hard at something, dedicating all of your time, passion and resources, and given it your all? Then when you finally complete your project you find yourself sitting back, admiring your work and subsequently wondering…

”Now what? Where do I go from here?”

As we finish construction on the third and final phase of the BCI Academy, we have been thinking and praying about the next steps for Blessing the Children. But during this period of searching, the Lord already had a plan. All we needed to do was ask and He revealed his perfect will – open a KG.

In Ethiopia, preschool and kindergarten are labeled differently. They consider all preschool and kindergarten to be “KG” and give it a grade level. KG 1 is preschool/nursery for 3 year olds, KG 2 is preschool for 4-5 year olds and KG 3 is kindergarten.

While opening a KG seemed like a wonderful idea, we simply did not have the room at The BCI Academy for expansion, but God had it covered.

Mere weeks after deciding that a KG was the next step for Blessing the Children, the Lord revealed that there was a vacant lot with an empty building directly across the street from The BCI Academy. This building would have enough room and serve perfectly as a KG and corporate BCI Ethiopia Offices. Is God good, or is God good!?

While there were a few minor setbacks in acquiring the property due to government red tape and split ownership, after all was said and done we were able to get the property for a steal!

When we bought the property, the building on the lot was new construction and still had a lot left to do to make it habitable and able to use for a KG and offices. We have been working hard – and quickly! – to do the necessary finish work to prepare it for school this fall.

Even on such short notice, we put out some advertisements and got the word out about the new BCI Academy KG and we have already had dozens of families enroll their young children. As of right now, until we can provide the necessary items, the students are temporarily placed in some offices at The BCI Academy.

One our newest little additions to the BCI Academy KG.

One of our newest little additions to the BCI Academy KG.

Now comes the hard part! Once the construction is completed and all the finish work done (flooring and painting), we still have to furnish this KG for all the precious little ones who will be attending and the staff who will be working in the offices. To do this, we need a total of $7,638.

To start KG we are desperately in need of:

Item Qty Price Total
Plastic Tables 10 $55 $550
Plastic Chairs 60 $11 $660
Desks for Teachers 3 $140 $420
Chalk/White Boards 3 $167 $501
Organizational Shelves & Bins 3 $220 $660
Nap Mats 40 $3 $120
Curriculum & Teaching Aids 3 $440 $1,320
Toys 3 $150 $450
Art & Basic Classroom Supplies 3 $225 $675
Total   $5,356

For the BCI Ethiopia Corporate Offices we are in need of:

Item Qty Price Total
Desks for Staff 4 $140 $560
Chairs for Staff/Visitors 8 $18 $144
Shelves/Filing Cabinets 2 $220 $440
Basic Office Supplies 1 $750 $750
Printer 1 $388 $388
Total   $2,282

Would you consider making an investment in the future of Ethiopia by donating towards the BCI Academy KG? In order to transition the children to the new building, we need to have the appropriate supplies to provide the children with an excellent education – as we are known for in Debre Zeyit.

We realize this is short notice but we know that all things are possible and the Lord did not bring us this far to fail! We have faith that He will provide; would you be His hands extended? We can’t do this without you!

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