October Feature Child: Kibruyisfa Teshome

Future football player.  If Kibruyisfa Teshome has his way this statement will come true for him.

Kibruyisfa is a 14 year old boy who looks more like he is 17.  People always think he is older than he is but he says he likes it because then he can play soccer with the older boys and no one tries to make him sit out.

Not only does Kibruyisfa look older than he is, but he acts older as well.  This comes as no surprise as he has had a lot of responsibility growing up.  Kibruyisfa’s father passed away from HIV complications when he was young, leaving Kibruyisfa to be the man of the house.  Kibruyisfa helps his mom out around the house as much as possible because she is often weak due to her own HIV complications.  By God’s grace, Kibruyisfa has tested negative for HIV.

When asked what he wants to be when he grows up he said “a soccer player”.  When asked if he had a back up plan in case the soccer thing didn’t work out he only said “I will play soccer”.  Talk about focused on your dream!  Kibruyisfa does well in school but he rushes through his studies so he can play soccer with the neighborhood children.  Everything he says and does comes back to his desire to play soccer.

Kibruyisfa is a very shy boy that has few words to say.  The soccer field is the one place that he is able to open up.  If you watch him play soccer, you will see his true personality come out.  He is competitive, playful, joyful, and so full of life.  He is an optimist that sees nothing but great things for his future.

Kibruyisfa was one of the first children to enter the BCI Program in 2008 and it has been such a blessing to watch him grow and develop into the young man he is today. Although, after four years, he still only  has a partial sponsorship and is in need of another sponsor to bring him up to a full sponsorship.

Would you consider participating in this bright, young man’s future? Please email Melissa at Melissa@blessingthechildren.org  for more information on how to sign up!

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