Drama Camp: Watching Imaginations Grow

Imagination. This is something that the Western world tries to grow in their children. Most schools across North America have art, drama, and music classes although this is a luxury that most third world countries are unable to provide due to economic reasons. Blessing the Children believes that it is important to allow children to play, imagine, and create. We are always trying to find new ways to allow the children to express themselves.

This summer, Blessing the Children was able to provide a drama camp for our program children led by a missionary from Canada, Alyssa S. who came to bless the children with her drama skills. The two week drama camp was for children between the ages of 7 and 16. The first week was for the 7-12 year olds.

Young Children Drama Camp Group

This week was a great time of imaginative play for the younger children of Blessing the Children. Alyssa helped the children to create a play based on Noah and the Ark. The children made masks of their assigned animals. There were lions, birds, dogs, cats, and sheep.

Noah and the Ark

In addition to the drama, Alyssa helped the kids with imaginative play. She taught them the game of charades, and how to improv. The children had a great time but it took awhile for them to understand the purpose of the exercises. Most of these children had never been asked to improvise or act before so it was a learning curve. Some of the children did better than others but everyone had a great time.

During the second week of drama camp the 13-16 years came out for their week of fun. Most of the older children had participated in dramas before so they were really excited about this opportunity. Instead of having a prepared drama for the older children, Alyssa allowed them to write their own drama so that they could be more involved in the creative process. The children were divided into four small groups and each group was assigned a parable from the Bible. The children then wrote their own scripts and organized costumes. This was a great way for the children to think, implement their ideas, and work as a team.

Older Children Drama Camp Group

Both the younger and the older group performed their dramas at Activity Day. Activity Day is a day that all of the Blessing the Children program kids and their siblings meet together for a day of fellowship. There are Bible stories, games, and a feeding program. The kids loved watching their friends perform for them.

The audience enjoying the skits.

Missionaries bless the children of the program so immensely. Each and every missionary gives so much to the well-being of our children. Thank you Alyssa, for expanding their minds and experiences!

Painting the Ark

The animals in the Ark.

Older Children’s Skit

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