A memorable gift

Will printing pictures for the families of Debre Zeyit, Ethiopia.

Most Americans have hundreds, if not thousands, of undeveloped pictures stored on their computers, photo-sharing websites, or even on rolls of film.  But imagine if you had absolutely no pictures of you or your family.  No pictures of your children smiling, no pictures of their first steps, no pictures of your wedding day.  Hard to imagine, isn’t it?  However, this is the reality for a lot of our BCI families.

Will and Robin Arnold, short-term missionaries from Illinois, recognized this as a problem for most Ethiopian families and they decided to help.  Will and Robin came to visit BCI in June and they brought with them a unique way of serving our families.  Will just recently graduated with a Master’s degree in photography and he wanted to use his skills in a valuable way on his mission’s trip.  After thinking about the best way to utilize his skills he decided that he would take pictures of the families that he visited and present them with a photo book filled with pictures of the family.

Alemayhu Abera & family looking through their picture book.

They came to Debre Zeit equipped with a photo printer that a friend of theirs let them borrow and approximately 30 photo books.  After each home visit Will and Robin printed the pictures at the BCI guest house, filled the photo books with the pictures, and gave them to the social workers to give to the family.

The families were so happy to receive this gift.  They were amazed at the quality of the photos they received.  They were delighted that Will was able to capture such amazing pictures of their family-pictures that showed the personalities of each family member.  These photo books are a pricless gift that the families will treasure forever.

There are many ways to serve the families of BCI but the best way is to use the gifts that God has given you.  Thank you Will and Robin for blessing our families with your gifts!

Thank you Will & Robin!


Alemayhu’s family was pleasantly surprised with WIll & Robin’s thoughtful gift


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