BCI Academy Bus – up and running!

The BCI Academy bus is up and running! It makes transporting the children to school every day quick and easy. Its also a great promotion for the school!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this a reality! See pictures below.

Praise the Lord, He is faithful to provide and continues to exceed all our expectations!

BCI Academy bus


BCI Academy bus, picking up students

2 thoughts on “BCI Academy Bus – up and running!

  1. WOW! Having been on a short-term Mission trip last March, I am very happy to hear of the new Bus! This will be a huge improvement for BCI. Although the Bajaj and taxi rides were an adventure, I am praising God for his provision in providing a bus! Our God is an awesome God, and is able to do exceedingly more than we can ever imagine! He is Blessing the Children! I am Thanking him!

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