Life Saving Water – a story of hope.

“In June, a 10 member team from Iowa, Illinois, and Oklahoma came to Debre Zeyit to work with Blessing the Children.  7 water purification systems were brought with them for the people in the area.  Each water unit, from, provides clean, safe drinking water for 5,000 people for 5 years. During their stay in Ethiopia, the team was able to participate in the water unit training of area pastors and leaders.  One water unit went to a rural school, and 2 others went to outlying churches whose only water supply was a contaminated lake and a muddy river.  What a blessing to be a small part of God’s work in Ethiopia, and get to personally meet the people who will benefit from the gift of clean water.

The idea for this project was born when Beth Trexel from Iowa went on a BCI mission trip in January of ‘09.  While she was there, she learned that the some of the greatest needs in Ethiopia were better roads and clean water.  She thought to herself “I can’t do anything about the roads, but I can do something about the water!”  God paved the wave for her and her team to return to share the gift of clean water so that the churches of Debre Zeyit could share the Living Water, Jesus Christ.

Whether it’s to GO, GIVE, or PRAY, God has a purpose for each one of us in the Body of Christ.  We in the U.S. are so blessed by God, but even more importantly, we are blessed to be a blessing to others.  That occurs when we simply share the things that God has given us… whether it’s our time, our resources, or the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

“At the present time your plenty will supply what they need, so that in turn their plenty will supply what you need. Then there will be equality, as it is written: ‘He who gathered much did not have too much, & he who gathered little did not have too little.'” 2 Cor. 8

Godly compassion is a light for Christ that all will see.”

This article was written by Wendy, a member from this team. Kay, another team member, writes:

“Getting to be a part of the team delivering the water purification units was an unexpected and meaningful part of this trip. I am so grateful that God orchestrated the timing of my trip to coincide with the team members who brought the water units! It was amazing! To see the faces and hear the hope in the voices of the leaders when we delivered the units was unforgettable. To witness murky green water turn into crystal clear purified drinking water was miraculous! At Green Lake, one elder stood and told us that many people had visited them and promised to help them get clean water – other missionaries had come, the government had come, but no one had ever come back, until us. He said that we had given them HOPE! And that they would share the water with their communities, with the Orthodox and Muslim, and they would not only give them clean water, but they would give them JESUS!”

Below are some photos from their trip.



The June Team with the people of Green Lake

Beth doing a demonstration

Trying them out

Moses doing a demonstration

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