If you feed them, they will come.

This summer, Blessing the Children had many visitors. Among them was a very special couple who saw a need, found an opportunity, and made a difference.

During their short two-week visit, Dave and Holly made a lasting impact. Not only did they forever change a child’s life (front page – http://blessingthechildren.org/Forms/BCI_Post_2010-07.pdf) but they started a monthly feeding program. They saw the need while they were there and upon their return, they emailed us and asked what it would take to start this program. After some research and planning, we decided to start the program as one meal a month at a local church. The meal would take place after the weekly activity day, and the moms of several children in the BCI sponsorship program would be recruited to prepare the meal. This will not only put food in the children’s bellies but also provide jobs for their mothers!

Once all the details were worked out and a plan set in place, Dave and Holly started fundraising for the feeding program. The program is now in its third month and is going great! The wonderful thing is that before the meal, the children take turns putting together a small, bible-based skit, a few bible verses, and the children’s choir leads a few praise and worship songs. So this is not only reaching out to the children physically by putting a healthy meal in their bellies, but it is also ministering to them spiritually.

The hope is to eventually expand the feeding program to offer more than one meal a month. All of your prayers and support are greatly appreciated! And a big thank you to Dave and Holly, for all their hard work and fund-raising for this program. God is truly blessing the children!

The moms preparing the meal.

The moms preparing the meal.

Dish it up!


Feeding Program.

Feeding Program.

The multitude.

3 thoughts on “If you feed them, they will come.

  1. I was in Debre Zeit in July and helped volunteer for the day — great experience. The kids had so much fun with all the activities and seeing the moms participate was cool too because often they are left watching on the sidelines. Great investment in every way!

  2. We are thrilled to see this in action. Though we cannot take credit for making this happen – it was TRULY a collective effort from our faithful bible study – we are excited to see this grow! We are so thankful for the efforts of everyone involved: the Moms…Mimi, Fanaye, Tigist, Aberash, Mehadi…the staff: Mussie, Goldy, Betty, Tadesse, Endale, Keith, Melissa, and so many more!!!

  3. What a great idea! Way to go Dave, Holly, folks in your Bible study, BCI, and all the delightful people of Ethiopia involved! To God be the Glory, Great things he hath done and is doing!

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