We are happy to say that Pastor Tadesse has returned safely back to Ethiopia and his family. Thank you everyone, who offered up prayers for his safety during his travels around the U.S.

We have also received an update that Abayneh has been fitted with a prototype of his new arm! Because Abayneh has lost so much of his left arm, there just isn’t enough to work with so he will only be receiving a prosthetic for his right arm. Although slightly disappointed about this, he is still in high spirits.

“Within minutes of attaching it to him, he was able to pick things up without being told how to use it. Everyone was amazed!” says Deanne Gillock.

His new arm is scheduled to be ready on November 30th and from there, he will start receiving therapy on how to use it.

We would like to thank Deanne, the Grant family (Abayneh’s host family), and Healing the Children for all the hard work they have and are continuing put in to make this happen!