Abayneh’s Progress – Arriving in America

Abayneh and Pastor Tadesse have their airfare and are set to leave Ethiopia this afternoon. They will arrive in Seattle tomorrow morning, and be greeted at the airport by the Healing the Children staff, Abayneh’s host family, and the Gillock family (the incredible people who have been facilitating this). The Gillock family has visited Ethiopia and personally know Abayneh and Pastor Tadesse, so it will be wonderful to have them there. Some familiar faces in the crowd.

Pastor Tadesse will be in Seattle with Abayneh for a few days, helping him get settled in and adapted to his surroundings and his host family.

Then its off to Bay City, Michigan to spend a few days with BCI’s President and Founder, Keith Strawn. From there, Pastor Tadesse will be driven to Cleveland, Ohio to spend a week with some of his family there. He will then fly to Kansas City, Missouri for another week with some family. About halfway through his time in Kansas City, he will take a quick flight over to Dallas, Texas to spend a day with Weldon Self (a good friend of Pastor Tadesse and BCI) and speak at his church.

Its going to be a busy three weeks for Pastor Tadesse! We are very excited for him to have the opportunity to come to America and to be able to visit so many people during his stay. If your in the area, let us know! We’d love for you to come out, see him and hear him speak.

We are also so overjoyed that Abayneh has been given this life-changing opportunity. Please keep him in your prayers, as this is going to be a very overwhelming experience for him. We would like to thank Deanne Gillock for her persistance and hard work. We couldn’t have made this happen without her!



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