Abayneh’s Progress – Visa Acquired




Abayneh in Action

Abayneh in Action

We are excited to share that Abayneh has been granted his visa and is awaiting airfare.

We are also excited to share that Pastor Tadesse (BCI’s National Director in Ethiopia) will be accompanying him as his chaperone. We were praying and wondering how this was going to work? Who was going to bring  Abayneh to the States? After a lot of prayer and some brainstorming, Pastor Tadesse seemed to be a logical choice. The only problem was, getting him a visa.

Getting a visa to visit Ethiopia is as simple as buying a candy bar. Although getting a visa to visit America can take several months, A LOT of paperwork, and is generally denied anyways. So we were very aware that getting Pastor Tadesse a visa could be difficult, if not impossible. What we didn’t take into account was the Lord’s grace and timing.

Pastor Tadesse applied for the visa’s on September 9th, the Embassy gave them an appointment the very next day, and without asking to see any paperwork (other than the application form), granted them both two year visa’s that same day. Isn’t the Lord great?!

As Keith put it in am email to Deanne, the wonderful lady who has been orchestrating Abayneh’s medical care and travel, “Wow, that seemed too easy.  Praise God, both Abayneh & Pastor Tadesse have their visa to enter America… and a two year visa at that.  I am somewhat amazed, but I know that I shouldn’t be.  It seems we get so caught-up, concentrating on doing EVERYTHING we think we need to do to be diligent stewards of the Kingdom, then when God moves and opens a door that we have been pushing on for so long, we are actually a little surprised the door opened!”


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