Words of encouragment

It is always great to hear poeples feedback about their trips. Especially posotive feedback like this, from Gary S. in Middletown, NJ.

“Now seeing first hand the impact BCI is having over there, i know that God led us to them and we were right where we were supposed to be.  Our doctors started talking about going back even before we left.  My daughter became close with a 9 year old girl and immediately sponsored her.  If you plan to do more for Africa in the future i would highly recommend you try to do it through BCI.  The organization is really getting a good handle on what these kids need and how to go about taking care of that.  Being in this city only a year and their impact is enormous and growing.  Also if you or anyone else is looking to sponsor an orphan child, i would suggest a BCI kid.  30 bucks a month (a dollar a day) really goes a very long way over there.”

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